1. Discovery Access Points for the Game – where the mobile game can be featured and downloaded

    1. Google Play Store - Exact download URL:

    2. Recommended search keywords:
      - kanto kras, kanto, kras.

      * downloading the android game is free of charge but mobile data charges may apply while downloading

    3. Dloadstation - downloading the android game is free of charge; no mobile data charges will apply since the portal is already zero-rated.

  2. How to Play

    1. After opening the app, click Play button.

    2. After clicking play button, you will be redirected to map page.

    3. - Click stage 1 button.

      - Free Mode player can play 5 stages.

    4. Click OK button to start playing.

    5. - This page indicates how many kanto food you need to get and how many boosters are available.

    6. Swipe kanto food and connect rows or columns with at least three of the same kind to remove them from the board and reduce the number from the required kanto food.

  3. How to Register

    1. Click settings button on the lower left corner of the screen.

    2. Click Login button.

    3. Click not yet registered button.

    4. Fill up mobile number with format: 09XXXXXXXXX and password.

    5. - Click submit button once done.

    6. After clicking submit button, you will be redirected to confirmation code page, You will receive a sms message with the verification code.

    7. Input the code and click submit button.

    8. Registration successful, click ok button.

Requirements on playing Kanto Kras King:

- KKK game can only be played on Android phones and tablets for now.

- KKK game may not work on Android phones with intel processor but still they can still play the game on Mozilla and IE browser, URL:

- Player must be subscribed to the service to be able to play stage 6 onwards.